Prospects of indie retail in conditions of expansion of networks

09 October 2018

Rebranding of shops of Mediamarkt has begun

05 September 2018

Malls of FORTGROUP: opening of August

04 September 2018

Construction of the sidewalk on Blyukher is complete

27 August 2018

FORTGROUP was entered into top five of rating of INFOline

15 August 2018

Perspective product of evolution of a public catering

14 August 2018




the length of the sidewalk, which FORTGROUP pads next to the "Europolis"

Malls of FORTGROUP: opening of July

03 August 2018

The basic rotation of tenants FORTGROUP was in a segment fashion

26 July 2018




was the occupancy of the shopping Mall FG in St. Petersburg in may

Agile will help developers to improve efficiency

19 July 2018

The owners of «Auchan» and «Leroy Merlin» lost on three-piece suits

16 July 2018

The market of shopping centers of the Moscow region has high potential for development

13 July 2018

Increase in a rate of the VAT: influence on payments on rent of the trade real estate

11 July 2018

Receiving Mall of information on trade turnovers of tenants in online the mode will lower percent of mistakes

10 July 2018

The Olympic champion Dmitry Vasilyev opened the running of BeginDrive

05 July 2018

Mall of FORTGROUP: opening of June

04 July 2018

FORTGROUP is been finished work on the choice of the concept for Mall in Podolsk

21 June 2018

retail property


shopping centers

opened in Russia in the first half of 2018

In August first stage of a reconceptualization "City of Mall" will be started

19 June 2018

The museum of optics will expose the exhibits in Mall "London Moll"

15 June 2018

"VimpelCom" will restart in July the last point of Euroset at FORTGROUP sites

13 June 2018

Europolis Rostokino Trade and Entertainment Center concept is near completion

13 June 2018

In Europe, the volume of construction of shopping centers are falling down

07 June 2018

In two years attendance of Mall "Nakhodka Port" was grown twice

29 May 2018

Reconceptualization of Food Court at the South Pole is complete

14 May 2018

FORTGROUP has made statistics to the market of the commercial real estate

02 March 2018

FORTGROUP launched a premium segment real estate agency

01 February 2018

Current year brought FORTGROUP several prestigious awards in commercial real estate

18 December 2017

FORTGROUP added five Moscow venues to its portfolio

13 November 2017

FORTGROUP finalized the lease agreement for the FORT Tower Business Center

19 December 2016